Raju Gandhi

Technophile, Software Craftsman

In a few words ...

I am a Software Craftsman with over a decade of experience building Web Applications and Enterprise Software and I love to build great software



Involved in all aspects of a project, proponent of clean code, with a particular emphasis on Agile practices such as TDD and customer involvement

Life-long learner

Strong programming foundations (OO patterns, and modeling), and constantly seeking to enhance and further my knowledge of good programming practices, and programming paradigms. Currently deep diving into functional programming while learning Clojure


Involved in speaking, writing, and teaching on all things technology


  • (J)Ruby
  • Clojure
  • JavaScript
  • Groovy
  • Java/Java EE
  • Ruby On Rails
  • JQuery/JQuery UI
  • Spring (Spring MVC)
  • Hibernate
  • Ring (Clojure)
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Sass/Compass
  • Test::Unit, RSpec, Cucumber
  • JUnit, JMockit
  • Rake, Maven, ANT
  • Hudson/Jenkins
  • Git, ClearCase
  • MySql, Oracle, MongoDB
  • Agile
  • Rational Unified Process
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Websphere

Recent Work History

Integrallis Software

Software Craftsman

2009 – Present

  • Worked on several Ruby/RoR, Groovy and Java projects both for Integrallis’ clients and as part of the company’s services
  • Heavily involved in Integrallis’ Community and Open Source efforts, including founding and hosting the Columbus Clojure User Group and the Columbus Ruby Code Jam monthly meeting
  • Created a State Machine Library for the Groovy Language based on Ruby’s AASM Gem
  • Helped develop Integrallis’ Training Materials for Ruby, JavaScript, jQuery and Java courses
  • Part of the two person team that developed the Groovy/Grails training services website TekSpike (Currently undergoing some more changes)
  • Currently a speaker on the No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Tour, as well as ÜberConf and Rich Web Experience
  • Conducted various trainings and seminars with clients such as Nationwide Insurance, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • A regular writer for No Fluff Just Stuff, The Magazine, covering topics on JRuby, Java, Clojure, JavaScript and Groovy

Integrallis – Client: MaestroDev

Lead JavaScript Developer

2012 (Part-time)

  • Served as the lead JavaScript developer in charge of a team to develop a single-page rich internet application for managing and monitoring build configurations in the cloud
  • The application emphasized heavily on live updates of the DOM using AJAX, as well as asynchronously posting user input data to the server, leveraging technologies such as jQuery and Spine.js
  • Helped to develop a JavaScript 'Best Practices' specifications for the team, as well as mentored other team members writing good clean code

Integrallis – Client: Ohio School Facilities Commission

Java Consultant

2010 - Present

  • Working as a lead developer for the core IT applications development team using a combination of JRuby, Groovy, Clojure and Java. This team is responsible for developing all internal and external applications to facilitate OSFC operations and business processes
  • Currently leading OSFC’s UI/UX efforts involving the redesign and porting of existing mission critical application to leverage modern web standards such as HTML 5, CSS 3 (via Sass/Compass) and front-end technologies such as jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Mentored OSFC’s personnel on modern software development practices such as continuous integration, automated testing and deployment and system monitoring

Integrallis – Client: Columbus State Community College

Java Guest Lecturer

(Summer) 2011

  • Served as Instructor for IT-ART (Attracting and Retaining Talent) Training for Incumbent Workers — a non-credit professional development class spanning 120 hours. The curriculum included Java — the language, features, APIs such as I/O, Collections and JDBC, Web development using Java (Servlets, JSP), and JavaScript as well as an introduction to JQuery
  • Created a curriculum suited to the goals of the College and implemented a pilot class including in-class workshops on Object-Oriented modeling and design patterns
  • Class evaluations available on SpeakerRate (Testimonials found here)

Integrallis – Client: Chemical Abstracts Service

Java Consultant


  • Worked as a lead developer for the Editorial Operations team. CAS systems index more than 10,000 major scientific journals, patents from 61 patent authorities, and other reputable web sources, providing pointers to the new and novel science disclosed in them
  • Developed server-side applications dealing with very large data stores, REST-ful API for HTTP querying, heavy XML processing and search capabilities over millions of documents

HMB Information Systems

Senior Consultant


  • While at HMB initiated the creation of the Technology Steering Committee responsible for developing a training program for new employees. Involved in the training process by serving as an instructor teaching courses spanning over 30 hours (covering (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and Ruby). Presented on topics such as Ajax and RESTful web services and participated in HMB’s recruiting efforts including attending career fairs, assessing other recruiting avenues and conducting interviews

HMB – Client: Stanley Steemer

Senior Developer


  • Developed a public facing ecommerce website for Stanley Steemer to sell it services, provide quotes and schedule services using standards compliant (X)HTML, CSS and Ajax (with JQuery)
  • Developed the client layer to interact with the .Net based backend via Restful Web Services using JSON
  • Developed the integration with Sitefinity content management system to allowed the client personnel to quickly update the company’s website

HMB - Client: Builders Resource Group

Senior Developer


  • Member of a two-man team responsible for developing a web based application with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. This application provides a unified dashboard for customer data, sales, warranty claims and other pieces of functionality. It was designed to reduce data duplication, allow for ease of entry and manipulating data and better data mining and trend analysis

HMB – Client: Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

Senior Developer


  • Member of a team developing a web-based application using Java, J2EE, Spring Web Flow, Spring and Hibernate named Tops (Transfer of Purchased Service credits)
  • Designed and implemented a SOAP based Web service (including the API) to expose a certain piece of functionality from within TOPS
  • Introduced and successfully implemented the use of automated tools for bug prevention and black box testing such as FindBugs, Selenium and Cobertura


Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)

Master of Science, Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering

Bombay University (Bombay, India)

Bachelor of Engineering, Production Engineering (FCR College of Engineering)

New England Software Symposium: 7 talks

Sept 2013

Pacific Northwest Software Symposium: 4 talks

Sept 2013

Research Triangle Software Symposium: 4 talks

Aug 2013

Greater Maryland Software Symposium: 7 talks

Jul 2013

ÜberConf 2013: 4 talks

Jul 2013

Lone Star Software Symposium: Austin: 6 talks

Jun 2013

Central Ohio Software Symposium: 8 talks

Jun 2013

Northern Virginia Software Symposium: 5 talks

Apr 2013

New England Software Symposium: 5 talks

Mar 2013

Twin Cities Software Symposium: 3 talks

Mar 2013

The Rich Web Experience 2012: 4 talks

Nov 2012

No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Tour (Denver): 2 talks

Nov 2012

No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Tour (Northern Virginia): 3 talks

Nov 2012

Columbus Code Camp: Websites with Noir

October 2012

ÜberConf 2012: 1 talk + 1 Workshop

June 2012

No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Tour (Columbus): 3 talks

June 2012

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business: Total jQuery

April 2012

Nationwide Insurance: Introduction To Cucumber

March 2012

Columbus Code Camp: On Protoypal Inheritance

October 2011

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